Winter Solstice and your Big Idea


June, 2019

Winter Solstice is all about resting your physical body, so your brain can create your next Big Idea.

It’s such an exciting time and oh so tempting to share those new ideas!

But wait! Stop!

If you share your ideas before they are ready, other people will “helpfully” point out the teeny itty bitty flaws and your confidence will plummet.

And that’s not what I want for you this Winter Solstice!

Let me explain how the Winter Solstice energy works with my own wintery tale…

Once upon a Winter Solstice, there lived a fear transformation and menstrual superpowers life coach.

Winter had arrived in her Melbourne-town and death and decay was everywhere. Dying leaves, bare branches, rainy skies.

Signs of rest and renewal had crept into her house; board games permanently out the lounge room and way too much screen time for the whole family!

She was facilitating less workshops, reading more, and spending 30 minutes every afternoon lying flat on her back.

In the kitchen, she was preparing less salads and more one-pot wonders, while attempting (with mixed results) to get to bed by 10pm each night.

Outwardly, it looked like she was doing less, but inwardly, it was a whole other story.

The neurons in her brain were waking up – her idea creation was off the charts!

New models for her work, new ways of showing up in the world, new structures for her family.

Her brain was like an excited wee pup, bursting at the seams to share – but like all excited wee pups, she had some lessons to learn.

When she saw her husband one night after work, she was positively fizzing and she shared with him her latest Big Idea.

Naturally, she expected applause, excited squeals and recognition of her brilliance (it was afterall, the best idea she’d had all week!).

But instead, he pointed out the holes in her Big Idea, and her enthusiasm plummeted as her heart promptly transformed it into another #littlestupididea.

Now of course dear reader, you and I know both know a newly conceived Big Idea is never perfect.

And of course, you and I both know that she should go back and fill in the holes in her Big Idea, when she’s in the second half of the luteal phase in her menstrual cycle (perfect review/editing time).

But his lackluster response still stung and she curled up by the fire sulking… until she realised that the cycles energy was infinitely smart!

Winter Solstice (just like Menstruation and just like the Dark Moon/New Moon) is the time for CREATING ideas.

She had the Seedling cycles superpower storming through her so she could conceive new ideas – not share or edit them!

Hooray! It was still the best idea she’d had all week!

Oh the relief! Winter Solstice is the time to record ideas, nurture ideas, polish ideas – nothing more, nothing less. This is the super-fun dreamy create phase!

Later of course, she’ll do a little pruning – a snip here and there so it’s not top heavy and her Big Idea can stand on its own.

When it’s ready for scrutiny, (in August when the seasonal energy is rising to support new growth,) she’ll be taking her Big Idea into a Hello Wonder Woman Workshop.

There, she’ll work through her fear of bringing this new idea to life.

There, she’ll also work through her greatest fear – that for her personal safety.

Annnnnd, she’ll restore her confidence and shore up her self-belief, marching out of the Hello Wonder Woman workshop clutching her customised action plan to birth her Big Idea into her life.

All thanks to her patience to only dreamy create during Winter Solstice.

If you’ve been feeling your own Big Ideas storming through you this Winter Solstice, I encourage you to only record them. The time for action is coming in August.

If you know that this is the time of year when you experience hesitation or fear around how to create change in your life, I’d love to support you at my Hello Wonder Woman Workshop.

At Hello Wonder Woman you’ll tackle your greatest fear – that for your personal safety – so you can easily tackle whatever other fear you have around bringing your own Big Idea to life.

I’ll take you through my Fear Alchemy process and through it you’ll gain clarity and new confidence. You’ll also learn some sweet self-defence, meet your inner Wonder Woman, and create your very own customised action plan towards your own specific fear.

Tickets available to the August 24 Hello Wonder Woman Workshop through this link. I can’t wait to see you there!

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