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Jan, 2018
Full Moon

On the Full Moon, I usually celebrate something coming into fullness, and it often relates to the intention I made a fortnight earlier on the New Moon.

And while I am so filled with the feeling of potential on this Full Moon, there’s something else stirring inside me too.

This Full Moon I am bursting with potential while I’m simultaneously letting go.

Which all feels a bit odd to me! Because, you know, it’s a Full Moon and I “should” be celebrating the seed I sowed on the New Moon.

But, if I’m really going to learn how to do this lunar cycle stuff properly, I need to honour what I’m feeling.

And it seems I’ve still got some clearing and finishing up to tend to. I wonder if it’s because of all the other endings going on right now:

  • It’s the end of increasing daylight hours, since we’ve passed the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • It’s the end of a calendar year, and a big exhale for the year that was 2017.
  • It’s the end of a production cycle, where I created the new 2018 Lunar Calendar as a free digital giveaway. (It’s available for all subscribers to the Empress Crow and Rabbit newsletter).
  • And since I turned 40 just a couple days ago, it’s also the end of my annual trip around the sun.

So maybe that’s why I’m feeling the stirrings and need for a clean-up – stirrings that usually only come up for me on a Dark Moon.

In any case, I’ve been honouring those stirrings.

Today I felt called to change all our bed linen, vacuum under the beds and even vacuum every nook and cranny in the wardrobe.

And while I was there, I popped a pair of beautiful but wildly uncomfortable shoes into a bag to take to charity.

I also went through my drawers and threw out all my old knickers with flabby elastic. Do you know the ones I mean – the ones that only stay up because they are too tired to attempt anything else?

Yes, all those pairs are now happily retired, quietly composting themselves while reminiscing about all the fun times we had together…

It felt like I was cleaning out all the old energy of 2017 and creating space for 2018.

It felt good to be clearing out even if it was on a Full Moon, while simultaneously dreaming some big dreams for myself.

But… I couldn’t help but question if I was doing it “right?”

And then I remembered the snail in my garden and her message for me.

It was first quarter, just after I had pledged ongoing pleasure for myself on the New Moon.

I woke early and felt the pull to get out of bed and go outside into my garden just as dawn was breaking (something I’ve never done before in my life!).

I crept out, said good morning to the directions and that’s when I saw her – the snail with the three shells on her back.

I’ve never seen anything like it before, and the google machine couldn’t enlighten me – you see, only one of the snail’s shells is functional while the extra two are cracked, empty and abandoned.

She reminded me of the triple goddess, and I let myself imagine her choosing which shell she was going to wear throughout the day, depending on her mood.

As a newly graduated Shamanic Womancrafter, I wondered what message the snail had for me as I watched her glide through the morning dew with her extra load.

Was she telling me, that as Maiden, it was okay to dream really big in 2018?

That as Mother, it was okay to stop being busy all the time because it weakens my walls?

That as Crone, it was time to graciously let go of some of the structures I’ve created that keep me small?

Or perhaps, she was whispering a reminder to me that I’m never just one archetype. That as the light changes from dawn to dusk, I can have a spin in the shell of any and all of the three archetypes.

On the Full Moon on Tuesday 2nd January at 1.24pm I am celebrating the full potential of my forties, while gently letting go of the things that I can’t tend to properly right now.

To instead appreciate there’s no shame in not being able to do it all.

To instead focus on what brings me sustainable joy.

To instead acknowledge that every day I change, I create, I nurture, I destroy.

All the while taking my cues from the triple goddess, quietly masquerading as a three-shelled snail just hanging out in my garden.

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