Rabbits Take Action Towards Fear


Apr, 2019

I often get asked about the symbolism of the rabbit in my business name.

There is the obvious connection with the lunar cycle – on a Full Moon, Rabbit appears on the face of the moon. (Yes – truly – check it out on the next Full Moon!).

But Rabbit also represents feeling fear and taking action anyway.

Think of Rabbit at dusk, alternating between camouflaged and still, then running wildly at the first sign of danger.

Inquisitive, prolific breeders, with an appetite that is disrupting ecosystems, rabbits seem to survive the most violent of counter-measures.

And not just survive – they THRIVE.

Now think of this culture where women are not celebrated so much, where feminine voices are silenced in both crude and sophisticated ways, and where femme-identifying folk struggle to live the authentic life they desire.

For me, Rabbit is the face of resilience.

The symbol of resistance.

The reminder that even in fear, there can still be action.

In fact, there must always be action in fear.

You see, fear doesn’t go away when I ignore it.

Fear only diminishes when I take action towards it.

And while action can sometimes look like being still – Rabbit is terrific at camouflage – that’s only one feather to your bow.

Rabbit’s ears are always up; if danger gets too close, she is ready to run.

And if it’s not an option to run, she fights, and she fights hard!

Even when the fear seems completely insurmountable.

Even when the fear is higher up the food chain than her.

Even when her fear seems more well resourced then her, she still uses her fear as momentum to move into action.  (Check out this Rabbit Vs Snake Youtube clip to see what I mean).

This rabbit knows that her fear serves her and that she (and her babes) are absolutely worth fighting for.

Of course, that first step towards your fear takes a leap of faith, an act of courage, a huge stepping out of your comfort zone.

But, when you take that first step, you alchemise your fear into action.

Fear guides you from frozen to action.

Fear supports you to create new possibilities.

Fear becomes the momentum you need to create change.

(And action always, but always, shakes the grip fear has on you).

So when you feel fear today, please ask yourself:

“How willing am I to prioritise myself today?”


“What actions can I take today to be the rabbit that bests the snake?”

And then go do it.

Because you are worth fighting for.

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Photo credit: Lucy Spartalis

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