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Feb, 2018
New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse

When the sky is dark on a New Moon, it is time to plant a new seed – a seed of an idea that you would like to see grow over the new lunar cycle.

If you haven’t yet planted anything for yourself this year, now is the time to do so. This New Moon is especially powerful.

Now I know I’m always saying the moon is powerful, but this time it’s especially wow.

I’m talking three times the strength of a regular New Moon because we are in eclipse season. After the Lunar Eclipse of the Full Moon two weeks ago, we now have a Solar Eclipse on the New Moon.

That’s one powerful moon.

Think La Luna on caffeine, La Luna on steroids, La Luna on supercharge!

So if new beginnings and bright new opportunities sound like your jam, then feel into what needs to happen for you in this cycle, and perhaps further out – I’m thinking the next six months or so.

Expect shifts, expect movement, expect there to be new ground covered – and old ground that cannot ever be returned to.

And all of this is building on the Lunar Eclipse two weeks ago.

Eclipses always come in pairs and flow on from each other – Lunar Eclipses tend to herald endings, while Solar Eclipses tend to usher in the new.

And I’m not just talking astrofizzlesticks here – because this stuff is playing out in my own life in real and quantifiable ways right now.

You know how on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, I was celebrating that I wasn’t a Domestic Goddess, and how much more space I had in my life now that I had hired house cleaners?

With my newly created space I started thinking about what my future looked like and how I could create a thriving community around my writing, my performing, my dreaming, my sisterhood.

Well, all that dreamy new space in my head and heart translated into three NEW unpredicted events that I’m now a part of.

Hmmmm… Let’s break this down.

I had no upcoming plans for the year, no goals, no ambition even, and then suddenly in eclipse season, when the pending New Moon has three times the strength of a regular new moon, I became part of three new events?

Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Just like that, things are looking remarkably busy at the Empress Crow and Rabbit head office!

And by golly my fellow Empress, I’d so love for you to be a part of it!

First event off the ranks, is an Equinox Drum Dreaming on the 25th March, in collaboration with my favourite wise woman, Melissa Abrahams from Kuan Yin Healing Arts.

We will be creating a safe space to hold a Drum Journey and Talking Circle, inviting reflection and pause at the Autumn Equinox – the Seasonal midpoint when the nights and days are of equal length.

You may be new to drum journeys, or new to circles, or you may be looking for a new place to circle this Equinox.

Either way, Melissa and I are going to create a gentle, welcoming place for you.

You can even bring a friend or partner – this is an inclusive and safe space for all, and super easy to get to on public transport.

The second event is on June 24th around the Winter Solstice, and the third event is likely to be September 15th.

Please save the dates dear Empresses – one of these events is going to be the much anticipated performance that I had a vision about on my backyard Vision Quest.

Yes, I’m excited. Yes, I’m nervous. Yes, I’m relieved that it’s all happening in a flash, just like that, and without any goal-setting on my part.

In a fortnight, it all came together with just two casual conversations.

And a whole lot of help from those two eclipses!

If you’re listening La Luna, please eclipse me anytime. I trust you always have my back and we are co-creating the path I need to be on.

So what am I calling in this New Moon with a partial Solar Eclipse on Friday 16th February 8.05am (AEDT)?

I’m calling in… you.

I’d so love to meet you in person.

I’d so love to help guide you on a drum journey to find your seasonal wisdom.

I’d so love to hear what treasures lie waiting for you through the call of the drumbeat.

I call to you… come and dream with me.

You can purchase your Equinox Drum Dreaming tickets through the Eventbrite link here.

Thank you – I am so looking forward to meeting you on the 25th March!

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