Dreaming Myself Awake


March, 2018
Full Moon

This Full Moon I give thanks for many things coming into fullness.

I give thanks for the sisterhood that I called in on the New Moon. I am in awe of the offers of love, support and new beginnings flowing in from every direction.

So many good things are happening in my life and I’m grateful that I’m feeling joyful – rather than a sense of overwhelm for all I need to do to birth my potential.

Instead I am giving thanks for the space in between.

The space where I go to replenish myself. It’s the place where I go to dream myself awake and it’s the best way I know how to take care of myself.

It’s so important to my wellbeing, that I even factored it into my Wedding Day preparations. Twice.

It’s not expensive, no special equipment is required and you can even do it on your back.

It’s not necessary to do it with anyone else, although that’s nice too.

It’s a real stalwart of my pleasure practice and any one can do it.

Let me share it with you, my number one life hack that keeps my life going and my mind intact.

The technical term for it is biphasic, diphasic, bimodal or bifurcated.

But you already know by now dear Empress, this is not the publication for technical.

Instead I prefer to call it by its common name.

I know you aren’t at all common if you are here in my corner of the internet, but I’m wondering if you might recognize it too.

Drum roll please…

My number one life hack that keeps my life going and my mind intact is…


Yes napping.

How do you feel when I say that word?

Do you feel as sometimes I do, that napping in a capitalist Western society, is commonly associated with laziness?

A protestant hangover no doubt, equating daylight hours with work potential – the absurd notion that if I’m not working, I must be extremely unwell… or just lazy.

But I’m calling BS on this, and sharing with you how you can incorporate a nap into your daily routine.

I like to allocate an hour, but sometimes, my To Dos get in the way, and it’s suddenly 4.30pm before I’ve realised it. (As an experienced napper, let me tell you that napping after 5pm is a no-go, taking you into wild brain chemistry that can create a specific kind of weirdness akin to LSD consumption, and not recommended for prolonged life-joy).

So what’s an Empress to do when it’s 4.25pm, I still need to drive to my local shops to pick up something for dinner, and outta nowhere a Nap Attack strikes!

I do some quick calculations and figure with the shops closing at 5.30pm and my signature Can Do Attitude, I could just make this work…

I set my alarm for 4.50pm and fully dressed, climb into bed and shut my eyes.


Of course, my monkey mind goes hysterical, thrashing in agony against my closed eyelids, prattling on with insufficient punctuation while throwing all sorts of mean memories at me.

You have your Equinox Drum Dreaming event coming up on the 25th March, looks like you aren’t really that committed if you are having a nap now and not working on the schedule, I mean wow, I thought you wanted this year to be a cracker, I wonder sometimes about your commitment…Remember that time you ran a Talent Quest event in high school and you miscalculated how long it was going to take and then parents arrived to pick up their kids and you still hadn’t finished an hour and a half later? Meanwhile TODAY, what if you can’t get a carpark right outside the shops and then they close and then you have to go to the supermarket which you don’t like doing because of the fluorescent lights and the limited airflow and the poor layout and remember that time when you worked in a supermarket and couldn’t find….

I roll onto my left side, slip a pillow between my knees and bring all my attention to my breath.

8 seconds in.

8 seconds out.

8 seconds in.

8 seconds out.

8 seconds in.

8 seconds out.

I hold my ground.

The monkey mind retreats.

And I start to daydream.

I dream of flying. I dream of lying on my back in a warm ocean.

I feel the seasons…

I feel the midday sun prickling my bare legs. I feel the crisp breath of an autumn morning. I feel snow melting in my hand. I feel the earth rejoicing as spring arrives.

I feel pleasure, I feel lightness, I feel joy.

I refill the cup, replenish the well, restore my heart space.

I open my eyes, I check my phone.

4.49pm – one minute before my alarm… Oh the smugness!

I sit up, swing my legs off the bed, call my monkey mind back from her sulking corner, and set off for the shops with a new spring in my step.

This full moon on Friday 2nd March at 11.51am, I am so grateful for my life-long self-care practice of napping.

It’s easy, it’s cheap, it can be done almost anywhere, and the best part?

It’s the most effective tool I have for dreaming myself awake.


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