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Aug, 2017

I got trolled on social media last Saturday night by a man who questioned the definition of womancraft, after seeing my interview with Jane Hardwicke Collings, the Founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft.

I’ve had haters before which I’ve written about, but this time, it was different.

This time, I wasn’t doing battle alone.

You know that scene from The Avengers when the Black Widow goes to bring in the Incredible Hulk? She’s one on one with him across the table on the outskirts of town?

Things start getting tense and you wonder how the Black Widow with all her charm, tenacity and smarts is possibly going to do this alone.

But actually she’s not alone.

She has her finger on a gun under the table and there are highly trained ninjas outside, just waiting for her mark.

She’s in the hot seat, and not only is she the best equipped to handle it, she’s also the best equipped to activate the reinforcements when she decides she needs them.

That’s how I felt with my little troll. I felt like the Black Widow.

Now, I know conventional wisdom advises not to engage with trolls. But, I was curious.

What if there was such a thing as the shamanic dimensions of trolls? What if this little troll had appeared to show me something about myself? What if this little troll had shown up to help me confront my fears, stand up for myself, ask for help?

As I thought about what to say, I avoided telling him ‘how it is’ and then just shutting him down because:

a) I wanted to start with a spirit of enquiry,

b) I didn’t need to start from a place of defending myself when I’d done nothing wrong,

c) I didn’t know how to concisely define something as encompassing, as process directed, as experiential, as womancraft.

This last point bothered me a bit, being the logical thinker I am – but it didn’t matter, he wasn’t after facts.

He was off on his own tangent, getting off topic, firing and defending missiles of his own making.

So, I called in reinforcements.

I called for help from my sisters and as I started to engage with him online, I watched as the silent support came in.

Notifications popped up, like warriors stealthily showing up on the ridgeline.


So and so liked your post.

So and so liked your page.

And they were all so and sos that were incredibly dear to my heart.

Women who quietly had my back.

But… women who didn’t fight my fight.

Women who didn’t step in and argue with him.

Women who didn’t try and save me.

And this caught me by surprise, until I realised something.

They knew that I was the best equipped to deal with it.

They knew that saving me wouldn’t do me any good. It was enough that they were there.

I could feel them, and I imagined I could see them in a circle around me…

A large green-gold field, sun shining, wind whispering, birds still.

Some were quietly crafting, the knitters, the weavers, the crocheters.

Some were singing, others lying on their backs watching the clouds go by.

Some of the big cats were idly switching their tails, while the dragon amused herself by snorting fire at passing flies.

While some were lazily grooming themselves for a fight, sharpening their claws, snapping their jaws, beating their wings.

They were pretending to not be paying attention to what was playing out in the middle of the circle with me and my troll.

But I felt their watchful eyes.

All waiting.

All watching.

All poised.

All for me.

My sisters, my support, my fellow womancrafters – all there in the ring with me.

And I have never in my life felt that feeling of unconditional support before.

That feeling of the healed sisterhood who support each other, simply because they can.

Simply because it’s so right to do so.

Simply because tearing each other down serves no one.

And I wondered, was this healed sisterhood part of the definition of womancraft?

Meanwhile, my little troll extinguished himself from the conversation much earlier than I expected.

Perhaps, he started feeling embarrassed about the silliness of it all.

Perhaps, he started to wriggle like a worm on a hook when he felt the watchful eyes of my tribe and their power animals.

Perhaps, he ran the numbers and figured with my tribe of wild womancrafters, he quite simply, didn’t stand a chance.

Or perhaps, he knew his work was done and he could move on.

Now that I had truly grasped the definition of womancraft.


Rachel is an Incense Alchemist and Musician. Rachel runs a successful incense business and has just finished recording her album Situation Positive.

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